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you continue to teach and love me thank you

[Author: An old Redneck that love our Lord]

Today I want to thank you for the many blessing you have provided in my life,
as you know father the past year has been a tough one on my family and I,
even to the point that,
others have called me Jobe.
I know that you are teaching me each and every day with everything that comes up in my life,
good things,
people that come around me and other things that challenge me or the way I live.
All I can say is thank you for loving me so much that you show me the way through adversities and challenges,
and the people that come to me that may be in need.
And as you know I will always try to help them while still I continue to love you and never question you or why,
Father you know I try to help and continue to plant seeds to those who you have enter my life for whatever reason,
if only to plant a seed.
I will always do my best to do your will and help others along the way,
in hopes that one day I may gain my rewards ( which are not on this earth) but live with you in your is my reward.
So Thank you Father for caring so much that you always try to teach me.
I Love you father and know that better days lay ahead as long as I keep talking to you and being taught by you.
thank you for Loving me so much that you continue on a daily basis to teach and Bless me with a thought or a word or a change that guides me through this life,
as you have taught us to by the way you lived while you past through this Earth age.

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