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Saturday November 17th: this is the prayer of the day!

love is tearing

[Author: TA]

Love is tearing me to pieces,
My heart is drowning in tears,
I need you healing hand to help me,
This guy has taken my mind,
his all i think about,
his every breathe i take,
i wish he could look me in the eyes and see it,
i see he loves me but i only think its me seeing it because im in love with him,
Christ help me for he isn't a christian,
he is 8 years older than me,
help me,
i don't want to loose him,
i can't stand not seeing him every few days,
i can't control my love.
i don't want him to move to a new workplace,
what would i do with myself,
give me your blessing and healing hand and help me make the right steps.

Iv'e never felt such love.

And also i ask you heal my blessed mother as she is suffering :( Help he christ im calling out for you help her.
Heal all those in tears and sick.

Tags: love, life, peace
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