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i'm not perfect

[Author: Sasha O]

my Almighty Father ...

Forgive me for my dark ways.
Guide me.

Forgive me for my countless mistakes.
Teach me.

I need You.
I need Your Son,
the Lord.
I am uncertain of many things in this world.

Help me discover true internal happiness.
Help me love me.
Help me love others for who they are.
Help me make better decisions.
Help me out of this struggle.

Father ...
please help me learn and know who You truly are &
what you're all about.

I want to learn.
I'm not doing this for just You,
or for just me - but for the both of Us.

I am not perfect.
I need Your healing...Your blessing.

I'm crying out to you.
Hear me Father.
Change me.
Bring me closer to You.

Forgive me for all my sins.

In Your Son's name,
the Lord,
I pray to You.

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