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speical speedy recovery and comfort for my dear true friend

[Author: Sister in Christ of daughter of God petitioned for]

Oh God in Heaven where we all long to return I am requesting an urgently heeded prayer answering in the way of a quickly as possible dear friend and also one deserving to be happy and not in constant pain.
You know dear God in heaven who this precious daughter made in thy very image is,
but may I be allowed to put extra power in this petition by inviting everyone who knows how to pray with conviction in their faith to join me when they read this urgently needed petition to come to pass.
And in closing oh Gracious Father,
I would tlike to add that with my knowledge that when two or more come together and pray with faith that moves mountains it is so.
so if I need to pray it one more time to make it happen,
this is that second time.
Your grateful child understands that nothing is possible without thy consent and approval so with all the glory going to thee and thy son that thou gave us in order to be with you both,
thankfully I close this petition with all the glory and praise going straight to Thee always,

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