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oh come to the father

[Author: J Richner]

Heavenly Father who sits above up so High
The One who sent His son to Die
Father sitting there on your thrown far above
You sent your Redeeming Son out of Love

A God so pure and holy white as snow
heavens and earth all know
The angels sing the creatures love and adore
bowing heads constantly craving more

and loving your constant glow
humble your heart and surely you'll know
Come to the Father He yearns for your heart
He hurts and cries when we're apart

Apart from the father is lost forever
Stop clenching your fist saying "never"
Loving and Holy He may Be
equally angry many we'll see

For every knee shall bow and tongue confess
one day you'll stand before Him explaining the rest
every thought,
all your sins revealed
nothing hidden away tucked or concealed

Depart from me you evil one
You had a lifetime now we are done
Unquenching lusts your constant desire
I now cast you into the Lake of Fire

Few find the path as it is narrow
But His love burns like a flaming arrow
repent of your sins and give up your hate
trust in Jesus and enter through the gate

avoid His wrath before it's to late
today is the day of salvation seal your fate
don't resist His son any longer
please just come to the Father!

Tags: love, life, family
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